Friday Foto Finder; Grass

In outback Australia, especially in the dry parts, there is still a lot of grass.

A special grass called “Spinifex” named after its needle like spines. The green base is a pincushion while the golden seed stalks and heads dominate the view.

Its seeds provide carbohydrates for the indigenous population and a themosetting wax from those seed heads also provide a glue for joining spearheads to wooden shafts.

Large monitor lizards dig their hole underneath the spinifex circles for protection from predators but the locals have worked out that a little bit of fire applied to this very flammable grass will expose the holes and allow the holes to be raided for four-legged protein.


Do you have a special GRASS image?

Post it and share it with us.

Next week, the subject will be “FACTORY”.

4 responses to “Friday Foto Finder; Grass

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  2. That is a gorgeous photo! The colors are amazing.

    Interesting info about the grasses, too. I wouldn’t have guessed that this type of grass held so many stories!

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