Friday Foto Finder; Factory

Perth is just 184 years old.

Back then there were two important things in life.

Where to get your food. And how to build your shelter.

The food was supplied by the “Old Mill” in South Perth, the colony’s first wind-powered industry. It was built in 1835 and peak production was 680 kilograms (1,500 lb) of flour per day. Operation ceased in 1859


Shelter in the very early days was supplied by wattle and daub huts.

A construction process brought from Europe where rural dwellers were experienced at this form of semi-permanent housing.

Bricks became the preferred building material and a number of brickworks were built.

All the original brickworks were built around near-city clay pits which all ran out of clay. Many became the parks of which Perth is proud.

The next generation of Brick Works, while built away from the City, was eventually overtaken by the growth of Perth but this time some were saved for their heritage value.

These are the Ascot Brickworks, built in 1927 and over the road from Perth’s major racecourse.


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Friday Foto Finder; Grass

In outback Australia, especially in the dry parts, there is still a lot of grass.

A special grass called “Spinifex” named after its needle like spines. The green base is a pincushion while the golden seed stalks and heads dominate the view.

Its seeds provide carbohydrates for the indigenous population and a themosetting wax from those seed heads also provide a glue for joining spearheads to wooden shafts.

Large monitor lizards dig their hole underneath the spinifex circles for protection from predators but the locals have worked out that a little bit of fire applied to this very flammable grass will expose the holes and allow the holes to be raided for four-legged protein.


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