Friday Foto Finder; Flower

I’m cheating a little here as I created this montage for my main blog a few days ago.

It is Spring here and I took a walk though our Botanic Garden in Kings Park.

There are so many flowers on display that I could not choose a single one.

So here is a collection

A wide view, Callistamon (Bottlebrush), Everlasting Daisys (Paper flowers), Wattle (Acacia), Blue Leschenaultia, Red Kangaroo Paw.


What is your favourite FLOWER image?

Post a photo and share it with us.

Next week, the subject will be “PEST”.


Friday Foto Finder; Green

I have always equted green with the grass on the grounds on which I have played or watched sport.

This is Perth’s main cricket ground.

I played this pecularly British sport for over forty years at a much lower level..

Mainly wearing white cricket gear which always ended up with green grass stains.


What is your image of the word “GREEN”?

That word “scary” somehow got in there by accident.

Post a photo and share it with us.

Next week, in honour of my Spring, the subject will be “FLOWERS”.