Friday Foto Finder; Spider

The Australian desert is home to many beasties.

Not as slithery as some of the desert nastiness, this spider is still mean.

Her web can be a nasty surprise at night.

This one was snapped just as dawn broke,


What spider do you have to share?

Post a photo and share it with us.

Next week, the scary subject will be the SEASIDE


4 responses to “Friday Foto Finder; Spider

  1. If only I had pictures of my spiders! I get jumping wolf spiders in the garden who burst out of vegetation unpredictably. As the witch at the end of the road, I always thank them for making their home here.

  2. That is a beautiful shot. I love the way the strands of web and the spider’s legs are glowing in the sunlight. (Me, I’m more scared of the idea of being up at dawn than spiders!)

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