Friday Foto Finder; Water

This week my task has been to reduce my “water” photos to just two.

I have hundreds of them.

So, first is a shot of my beloved Swan River. Upstream and smaller.

A delightful area for my kayaking.


Secondly, I live seven floors up from the ground.

Looking over my balcony during a shower of rain I saw a puddle.

I like puddles  🙂


What water will you share with us?

Leave a comment and a link here and we can all come and see.

Next week the challenge will be to show us a HOBBY.

5 responses to “Friday Foto Finder; Water

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  2. I love puddles, too! I got into Tumblr a couple of years ago, posting on the theme of distored reflections. I started putting together a series of photos I tagged “puddles of the world.” Your puddle would have made a lovely addition!

    I love the river, shot, too.

    I, too, have many, many photos of water. I opted for some shots of running water from indoor plumbing. (I am very thankful for taps!)

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