Friday Foto Finder; High

I do apologise for being so late this week but I got lost in a book (one of those carbon/tree based items with little squiggles on it)

So, in a way, I was High on words.

However, I chose not to photograph those words and I offer, instead, something which terrifies me. Heights!

We often see cranes above our city skylines yet how often do we think about how they get there?

They have to be lifted into position.


Piece by piece.


And people have to stick the bits together. High up above the ground. trusting to their own skills and balance and probably a little bit of rope.

No! Not a job for me!


So that is my (late) contribution to a gallery of “High”

What “High” offering do you have to share with us this week?

Leave a comment and a link here and we can all come and see.

Next week the challenge will be to find something to do with several or even a single “Button”


4 responses to “Friday Foto Finder; High

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