Friday Foto Finder; Railway

In Bunbury, south of my city, Perth, is a miniature railway.

On one Sunday every month it runs, to the delight of hundreds of children.

There are lots of adults who like to play with trains as well.


There are several bridges to add to the excitement.


And many locomotives so all the adults get a drive.


Although someone has to make sure there are no collisions.


And there has to be a place to buy the tickets.

A Railway Station.


Which is the railway line you to share with us this week?

Leave a comment and a link here and we can all come and see.

Next week the challenge will be to find something to do with a “Ship”


4 responses to “Friday Foto Finder; Railway

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  2. That looks wonderful – though uncomfortable fore tall people. 🙂 I had to give this a miss, cause I didn’t really have any photo to contribute.

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