Friday Foto Finder; Rock

Mount Magnet is an old gold-mining town around six hours north of Perth. The mines are still productive so it is a town built on rock.

Just North of the town is a large break-away where the rocky plateau has broken away and beneath a long rugged 15 metre cliff is a dry sandy water plain. The sand here is in obvious water courses and has more snake tracks than I have ever seen in one place.  This is the area known as “The Granites“.

That this plain has gold dust in abundance is a fact I know from personal experience. It is also illegal to mine or pan within this reserve as it was a special place for the ancient inhabitants of Australia. The rocks and caves a filled with rock carvings and paintings.

I was simply impressed with the size of the many near-spherical granite rocks, many of which have split in half.

Which ROCKS will you show us for this week’s Foto Finder?

Leave a comment and a link here and we can all come and see.

Next week the challenge will be to find some “SKY”

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