Friday Foto Finder; Addiction

If we define “Addiction” as something we cannot live without. Something we cease to function without. Then wine, photography, punning, history all fail the test for me.

After much thought I have decided that my addiction is an open road.

Deserted, except by me. Preferably unmade and dusty.

And, most importantly; Distant!

So what is your addiction?
Leave a link in a comment here so we can all share.

Taking Suggestions!

Okay, okay I can take a hint. 😉

Feedback on the challenge themes has been that they are a bit too, erm, obscure? So I am happy to take suggestions for future posts and see if we can get a few more players joining in.

I meant to do this in May but got caught up with RL stuff. But let’s get things going for June!

Please leave suggestions in the (comment) box.