Friday Foto Finder; Loyalty

Always on guard is one loyal merecat.

Protecting the rest of the gang from predators on the ground or in the sky.

Without that loyalty, many would not survive.

What will you find to show loyalty?

The subjects chosen for Friday Foto Finder seem to bee too difficult. I know I have to look hard into my files to find an entry.

In an attempt to make things a little easier I am opening up May to your choices.

Include a suggested list in your comment here this week and we will see what happens  🙂

Next Week’s subject is – DECEIT

Friday Foto Finder; Bravery

Sideshow Alley at the Perth Royal Show. Although it could be anywhere in the world.

The thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies find new ways to practice their bravery.

Or is it merely a collective stupidity?

Perhaps it is my old age which has removed my bravery from me and I must mock those young people who are testing the limits of their bravery.

As once I did.

What do you see when you think of Bravery?

Post your own BRAVERY image and leave a link here.

I’ll come and visit.

Friday Foto Finder; Sympathy

Western Australia is less than 200 years old and the earliest settlers suffered from hard times.

Not only were the seasons opposite to those they were accustomed to in Europe but the soils were harsh and conditions primitive.

Should the rains fail then the harvest would be thin.

Of those who tried this life, few succeeded, more by luck than by good management.

The many who failed deserved sympathy yet often were left, sitting dejectedly with broken hearts and broken lives.

I’m interested in what arouses your sympathy