Friday Foto Finder; Anger

No photo yet. Just an angry rant. Buff and I have just been to Canberra for a few days.

A totally enjoyable time which was ruined at the end.

My anger is currently directed towards the wheelchair taxis of Canberra. We were supposed to be on a 7pm flight from Canberra back to Perth last night. Booking out of the hotel at 4pm we phoned for a wheelchair taxi to take us to the airport. After 15 increasingly desperate phone calls, a taxi arrived at 6.25pm! 5 min on and off the taxi, twenty min through security, twenty minutes transferring from the wheelchair to a seat on the plane. It simply did not add up so we missed the flight and had to rebook. Been on the go since 6.00 am Canberra time but are finally back in Perth, via Sydney!

So, after I wake tomorrow, I shall find an image which has something angry about it.

So, here is Buff getting out of a wheelchair taxi in front of the National Library of Australia. The driver was nice, skilled and courteous. Unfortunately, all ten drivers took the afternoon off on Thursday. No one was available to transport us to the Airport when we needed them.

So anger rules on this occasion!

So how about you all show me what makes you angry  🙂


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