Friday Foto Finder; Pride

I have pride in my country.

This is the 81 metre (265ft)  flagpole on top of out Parliament House with our Coat of Arms in outline below it. The flag flown from the 81 metre flagpole is 12.8 m by 6.4 m, about the size of half a tennis court and  weighs approximately 15 kg.

It is a symbol of my country.

I will be interested to see just what you have pride in.

This week I WILL be checking on your offerings. I apologise for the past couple of weeks; there have been problems.

Friday Foto Finder: Peace

PEACE is found in the aftermath of war.

That is when those who gave the ultimate sacrifice are remembered and honoured.

Their names are carved in stone and monuments are raised.

Those who survived breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to peace for the rest of their lives.

Yet, hidden deep within the recesses of society are those who are already planning to send the children to war once again.

I admit that I am an unreconstructed peacenik from the 70’s yet I see no improvement in the morals of the leaders of my country or of countries around the word.

I’ll be interested in seeing what you find as your Image of Peace.


Friday Foto Finder; Anger

No photo yet. Just an angry rant. Buff and I have just been to Canberra for a few days.

A totally enjoyable time which was ruined at the end.

My anger is currently directed towards the wheelchair taxis of Canberra. We were supposed to be on a 7pm flight from Canberra back to Perth last night. Booking out of the hotel at 4pm we phoned for a wheelchair taxi to take us to the airport. After 15 increasingly desperate phone calls, a taxi arrived at 6.25pm! 5 min on and off the taxi, twenty min through security, twenty minutes transferring from the wheelchair to a seat on the plane. It simply did not add up so we missed the flight and had to rebook. Been on the go since 6.00 am Canberra time but are finally back in Perth, via Sydney!

So, after I wake tomorrow, I shall find an image which has something angry about it.

So, here is Buff getting out of a wheelchair taxi in front of the National Library of Australia. The driver was nice, skilled and courteous. Unfortunately, all ten drivers took the afternoon off on Thursday. No one was available to transport us to the Airport when we needed them.

So anger rules on this occasion!

So how about you all show me what makes you angry  🙂

Friday Foto Finder; Hate

This week’s subject is


I don’t hate a lot of things.

Heights, empty chocolate wrappers, my inability to sing or play a musical instrument.

Those are the major hates in my life.

Yet they pale into insignificance for the shuddering, clammy-palmed hatred I have for these critters.

Snakes of any kind earn my fear and hatred although this one is a special beastie.

The King Brown is on of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world.

This photo was taken at a reptile show and I was outside the arena. Unlike the presenter who seemed oblivious to the interest this guy was showing in his foot.

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Friday Foto Finder

This week’s subject is


Birds have a highly developed sense of care for their young.

To observing humans, iIt looks a lot like LOVE.

This is a male Rainbow Bee-Eater feeding a freshly caught grasshopper to its young chick. I’m not so sure I would love to eat a grasshopper.  🙂

Leave a link in the comments so that we may all see what you consider Love.