Friday Foto Hunt; Dedication

There will be people who took part in the old “Photo Hunt” run by Jamie Ray-Smith.

I have just received news that she has lost her father, murdered in tragic circumstances. If you were a photo-hunter,

please click here, drop by her blog and leave a message.

This week’s subject is


This is FANG, who sits on my desk and is dedicated to chomping any little insects which threaten my well-being.

Looking somewhat like eyelashes, each mouth is a single-use growth. Once it has caught its prey, both prey and mouth are absorbed back into the Venus Fly-Trap.


Leave a link in the comments so that we may all enjoy your take on “DEDICATION“.


7 responses to “Friday Foto Hunt; Dedication

  1. Hi Archie, I was glad to learn about FFF, and your theme/challenge list looks great!

    I know many of us are thinking about TNChick right now.

    And Fang – I admire his dedication!

  2. To those who have commented on Fang. I have yet to keep him healthy during winter so he needs to be replaced each year. And he DOES look terrifying in close up. I do hope they never evolve into larger plants 🙂

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